The benefits of eating at Prepared Strength are beyond amazing. Every meal is carefully made to ensure fresh ingredients/fresh food is used to get the most amazing pure taste.

The benefits of each meal is to keep consistent with Canada’s food guide to healthy eating while incorporating a physical routine to maintain a healthy weight.

When you choose to order healthy, nutritious recipes from Prepared Strength you are setting yourself up for success. Here are three reasons that set us apart from the competition.

  1. Help Lose Weight/Incorporated Gym Routine- Eating healthy is just one of many ways of becoming healthier. That is why Prepared Strength strives to make delicious meals to help strengthen your body and mindset to accomplish your busy day at work or personal life. Our meals are also portioned to make sure you feel satisfied and content. We make sure you get lean protein, with rich complex carbs such as rice/pita to help fuel your day.
  2. Helps Boost Confidence Level/Different Food Groups- When you start a routine of eating healthy, others notice. Not to mention the benefits of eating all your vitamins help keep you healthy and fit. Confidence these days is overlooked. But as soon as you start to get comfortable with uncomfortable you will see improvements in your professional and personal life and be the best you can be. Our meals are jam packed with essentials to ensure you’re getting a variety food groups to sustain yourself.
  3. Feel energized throughout the day- Have you ever gone to work and forgot to bring a lunch or didn’t have time to make one? Prepared Strength is set up to make sure the meals delivered to you make you feel energized throughout the day.

Breakfast Option: With passion comes success. We are also expanding to breakfast ideas to kick start your day. These healthy nutritious recipes will have you craving more breakfast all day. Stay tuned with our newsletter to check out these amazing products that are soon to be irresistible.

Gluten Friendly: Prepared Strength is always committed to finding ways to better itself and the products it serves to its communities. We are looking to expand into gluten friendly options to optimize results for different varieties. Sign up with our newsletter to find when this exciting opportunity takes place in the near future. 

Serving Communities:  We are delighted to announce we will now be serving the Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge and surrounding communities.