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About Prepared Strength

Healthy Meal Delivery Service in Waterloo, ON

Hi there. First off I would like to thank you for your time on visiting us on Prepared Strength. We offer different meals for different client’s needs to maximize strength for them. My name is Udai Anand Owner& CEO. The journey of Prepared Strength is a unique story. Growing up I always ate junk food, microwavable, fast food and candy. After continuing these eating habits my body got used to it and so did my routine. Stepping into high school I was 230 pounds in grade 9. But nothing changed. I kept eating and after the years passed and I reached grade 12 and was 265 pounds.

I remember saying to myself I want to be healthy and fit but don’t know how. In grade 12 I saw an opportunity to join the wrestling team. I tried out and made it. During the practices and warms up I was never able to run and always short of breath. This made me feel like I did not belong and I am going to remain overweight. However, I had supportive coaches and team player’s that helped push me further into the sport so I would not quit. After time passed I ended up joining Fleming College in Peterborough. I finally decided this is the year and time to reinvent myself and bring a new purpose of being healthy. But that wasn’t going to be possible without a phone call my specialist doctor. He contacted saying I have fatty liver building inside and if I keep up my eating habits the same way the outcome will be deadly. After constantly being very sick and running hospital to hospital I decided enough was enough. After my first year of Fleming College leading into the summer I weighted myself and ended up at 290 pounds. I made a promise to myself to eat healthy and try to incorporate a gym routine to be active. So I did.

I lived in Toronto for the summer for 2015 doing security at the Pan Am Games. With no family around and just working I had time to focus on cooking healthy meals, start going to Goodlife Fitness, and slowly cutting back unhealthy foods. After trial and error, I started to see results. After starting new healthy habits, I felt more energetic, felt happy about myself and achieved the impossible I thought I could never do. When starting my second year of college I wanted to educate and motivate others around me to believe in yourself and take small steps to achieve your goal. Living in residence also me notice a lot of people forget about the concept of self-care in relation to food. They would buy lots boxed food, miss meals, order in and stress eat. I want to aim to create a healthier environment by fostering good eating habits in young children to adults. Ever since my weight loss I always strive to want to help others. This is why I started the company Prepared Strength to help strengthen others to be the best, do the best and live the best.

Mission- To ensure Canadians eat healthy food groups while, incorporating a physical fitness routine to maximize strength.

Vision – To empower individual’s needs one step at a time, to eat healthy every day, every time every meal.

Breakfast Option:With passion comes success. We are also expanding to breakfast ideas to kick start your day. These healthy nutritious recipes will have you craving more breakfast all day. Stay tuned with our newsletter to check out these amazing products that are soon to be irresistible.

Gluten Friendly: Prepared Strength is always committed to finding ways to better itself and the products it serves to its communities. We are looking to expand into gluten friendly options to optimize results for different varieties. Sign up with our newsletter to find when this exciting opportunity takes place in the near future. 

Serving Communities: We are delighted to announce we will now be serving the Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge and surrounding communities.